Moates ostrich 2 0 software download

The first thing you should do is make sure you have an obd i ecu. Check the pulldowns for combo offers with other wideband products for great savings. Standalone chip programming software available for download moates website. If youre deadset on installing it in your own pcm, then this.

Honda crome basemap and chip burning how to youtube. You may be asked to go to another page, but thats ok. This is a revolutionary development for programming and reading 28 and 32 pin roms. How to reset your moates ostrich using tunerpro rt software first, goto the tunerpro website and download tunerpro rt. This will prevent the case from pinching the cable. Buy the cable, download the software on your laptop. An intermediate guide to operation of the latest crome.

Professions automobile tuning software tunerpro and tunerpro rt. Requirements there are two products that we sell that can read the program in a factory ecm. Check out the documentation to understand what all this unit can do. Moates burn2 chip programmer reader ha motorsports. Now we need to get the ostrich loaded up with some firmware. Tuning with crome the complete guide ha motorsports. Calibrations quick guide to utilizing an ostrich emulator we have the option of getting an emulator, which turns our computers into an program on the fly setup, ala a true standalone for pennys.

Created in the end of 2017, bmtune is the new tuning software for your honda with. This guide applies to all moates hardware with usb interface. Ha motorsports socketed obd1 p28 spec vtec ecu for tuning with crome pro. This is just the roadrunner 16bit emulator, installation header, internal standoffs, and usb cable. If you are not using another moates product burn1, autoprom, etc with drivers installed, install these first. Shop by vehicle wideband products ford 19862004 gm 19851995 nissan 19861995 hondaacura 19881995 driver download browse products datalog and reflash vehicles realtime emulation chip programming injectors maf etc. The new breed for the next test, we want to disable this behavior. Usb device driver download this is the usb device driver which is required to use any of our usbbased products. Apparently calvin even recommends buying the software from xenocron. An intermediate guide to operation of the latest crome engine tuning and rom editing software. The moates burn2 chip readerprogrammer is the perfect device for programmingburning chips as well as reading the programming from a chip that is already programmed. The main thing you can do is set a base tune so you can drive around.

Does afrlambdauniversal display, data storage, etc. Quick video to demonstrate just how easy it is to burn a chip using crome and a moates burn1 chip burner. Either way getting an eeprom prom ecu or get it socketed might be the better. Cheapest way to tune my dsm posted by thatchurroguy, sep 8, 2014. If you need help, use the help guide included in bmtune. The burn2 works flawlessly with our sst 27sf512 chips, but can also be used with older style atmel at29c256 chips. The hdr1 memory adapter is primarily designed to download the existing code from a stock memcal. With the moates extreme hulog, you can datalog from your crome chipped ecu to your laptop via a single usb cable using the crome pro software.

I ordered a honda ecu chipping kit and also a moates ostrich 2. This utility will allow you to reset them to a known state. Click on these product descriptions to pull up the download links. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and powerful. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and. You can download the free version here if you want to give it try.

Using the burn2 and the crome software, you can easily read a crome programmed chip, make any changes needed to the programming, then burnprogram those. Please consult with in the states guidelines further product information before purchase. You should never need a battery replacement on the quarterhorse, ostrich2, or roadrunner, but if you do if you short the. Moates ostrich allows uploading tune changes to the ecu in realtime. Download link download link 2 in order to get a device back into a sane state, you need to change the vendor id which software it is set up for. If you have trouble, start with this troubleshooting guide. Tunerpro and tunerpro rt professional automobile tuning software.

Begin by inserting the cd that came with your hardware. If you have an ostrich this means youve probably already used it on other software, if youre looking to get one to replace a broken romulator then youll want to start w the first step. People who had wasted loads of money on new main relays, new distributors distributor parts and even new ecus. Emutility is a tool for quickly uploading to, downloading from, and verifying contents of an epromeeprom emulator. Also make sure you download the right firmware acording to you ostrich. The ostrich cable plugs into place where your standard 28pin chip would go on your socketed ecu, and uses the included usb cable to plug into your laptop for program uploading to the ostrich via the crome software. You can also use the facebook page to send a private message. You should never need a battery replacement on the quarterhorse, ostrich2, or roadrunner, but if. Demon, autoprom, ostrich, burn2, adapters, chips and sockets software.

This ecu serves as the base for the crome pro tuning platform for all vtec engines. If you do not have your cd, download the latest drivers here. Now for the free software that you will need to download. Supports the burn1, ostrich, 27sf512, f3, and fordemu directly. The new form factor is incredibly small and compact. The preferred way is if you have already programmed the ostrich before installing it in your car. How to data log with crome pro using moates ostrich and xtreme hulog wide band wiring ect. The demon and ostrich can sometimes get stuck in an odd state. We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to providing you with quality products and service in the future. Replacement 28pin emulation cable for ostrich ostrich 2.

Download the appropriate firmware package for your hardware from the table below. Setup specially for tuning using the moates ostrich and moates hulog along with the crome pro crome dealer software. Moates obdi usb aldl interface aldu1 moates f3 ford memory adapter fa ford module programming adapter. In english, this means uploads, download and verifies happen in less than 2. Ha motorsports crome tuning ready obd1 p28 vtec ecu. Cant wait to get my wideband abd get this thing dialed in. With stateofthe art performance, it is without rivals. While crome can open obd 0, i, and some ii roms, it is specifically designed to work with obd i. Fixed issue introduced in build 8369 where moates ostrich 2. Hardware setup, driver installation, pitfalls of hardware configuration, software install, software configuration and a brief demo are all covered. Simply plugs into the 4 pin datalog header on your obd1 ecu, and the other end into your laptop via the included usb cable. How to data log with crome pro using moates ostrich and xtreme hulog. Install the drivers my ostrich didnt come with a driver disk.

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